Big and small


Мy daughter inspired me draw this book. When she was a little girl, I couldn’t find a children’s book about the relativity of the concepts of “large” and “small”, so I decided to make it by myself. The idea – to show respect to these concepts, depicting the same subject in both capacities. Audience: 2-5 years. Format: cardboard book. The book was published in English and distribute in Great Britain.

How do you get your child to understand the concept of big, small and all things being relative? This book will help your little person understand what’s what through beautiful, fun examples.

Hello! My name is Alice.

I’m a big girl. I have a fish bowl. A gold fish lives in it! She is very small.

My dad gave me the fish bowl. My dad is very big. I am very small. He can give me a ride on his shoulders.

We like to go to the Zoo. They have an elephant there. The elephant is so big and my dad and I are so small.

The elephant told me a secret! He said that he flew to the Zoo from India on a hot air balloon! The balloon was sooo big and the elephant — sooo small!

The balloon flew through rocky mountain peaks. The mountains were sooo big and the balloon — sooo small!

My dad says that our planet Earth is big and round. If you look at it from space, you can’t see the mountains at all, because the Earth is sooo big and the mountains are sooo small!

Though, I doubt that. I’ve seen the Earth, it’s very small…

I dedicate this book to my daughter and all the little muses who give inspiration to do great things

English translation by Michael Dewhirst